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Prime Time of your LiF1.

Aside from it being my last day at work, and going to see Southampton play this afternoon, today is notable for the discovery that Felipe Massa, apart from being a kick-ass F1 driver, appears to have joined Daft Punk.

Fucking ace!


Hello, people of Livejournal! Here is where I do an update about the myriad exciting things that are going on in my life.

  • I passed my degree! With a 2:1, no less. Which was what I was going for. Despite bombing out on a few modules, my overall grades were good enough to get my desired degree, which for you people who don't know what a 2:1 means, is the equivalent of a B. That's pretty much what I've been getting all my life, so I'm happy with it. Additionally, that's me and education done for now. I'm sure I'll end u doing some more stuff later in life, but that's it for the foreseeable future.

  • Remember that job I told you all about? Well, turns out I'm going to be based in Bristol and Bath. Which isn't too far away from home, and they're nice enough places. I'm not entirely sure which place I'll be living in yet, but it's likely to be one of those two. Head Office is in Chippenham as well, so it might well be somewhere in the middle of those three places. I start work on September 3rd, so there's time enough to find out more about accommodation. I spoke to the area director today, and he seems like a really nice guy, so I'm looking forward to getting started at work. If you hapen to live in Brisotl or Bath and know any good estate agents, please let me know.

  • I have, of late, taken to watching House, which is a pretty damn awesome medical drama type thing. I've got the first two seasons on DVD, and season three is on Five here in the UK right right now now. There's not much TV I really watch these days - they're repeating Life On Mars from the beginning on BBC4, so I'm watching all of that, and I watch My Name Is Earl as well, but that's it. I'll probably take a look at Heroes, because I think it's starting this week, but I can't say I'm overwhelmed by the premise. As long as it's better than Lost, at any rate.

  • My last day at my current job is going to be this Saturday, seeing as I've given all of August over to getting my affairs in order before starting in September. Then I'm off to see Southampton play Lazio, which out to be a fun game, even if it is only a friendly. Feel free to give me a ring if you're in the Southampton area and fancy going, I'm pretty sure there are tickets left.

  • It's still raining, but fortunately Romsey is still above the waterline. This remains all the more bewildering, considering I live between a water meadow and a canal, and my house was built on a flood plain. Either way, I'm not complaining. I quite like the rain as long as it isn't sloshing around my feet while I'm watching TV.

  • My days are mostly being filled with reading emails, writing emails, making phone calls and watching DVDs. I'm not entirely unhappy about it. Eventually I'm sure the gears of everything will start to kick in, but until then I'm happy to let it all unfold in front of me.

So that's my life as it stands at the moment. If you'll excuse me, Die Hard isn't going to watch itself! Again!


The greatest song ever written.

Watch this. It will change your life.

Seriously. I'm not joking.

I think I was just a bit sick.

"Catherine Tate is set to return to the TARDIS for the complete 13 week run of Series Four of Doctor Who."


Way to go, Russell T Davies. As if The Runaway Bride wasn't hideous enough, you've brought Tate back for a whole series. Billie Piper was fairly rubbish, but I'd rather have here than Tate. Hell, I'd rather have Bonnie bloody Langford than Catherine Tate. Oh, and it gets worse:

"Catherine was an absolute star in The Runaway Bride and we are delighted that one of Britain's greatest talents has agreed to join us for the fourth series," announced Doctor Who's executive producer and head writer, Russell T Davies. "Viewers can expect more ambitious storylines and a whole host of guest stars in 2008."

Because guest stars are of course what make Doctor Who the enjoyable sci-fi romp it is. When RTD is done using it as a vehicle for whatever pop culture references he deems necessary to drop in, in order to appeal to whatever demographic he thinks Who should be appealing to, we might be able to get the new series back on some sort of track. Fortunately I'll be receiving hard drives with every episode of the old series on soon, so I can sit back and watch those while Kylie bloody Minogue minces about the bloody Titanic.


Man Vs Beard - He's A Shaviac

I got my direct on, ladies.

Wireless Festival 2007

So I headed up to London for the Wireless Festival.

All my photos are over here for your viewing pleasure. I think they came out pretty good.

Here are reviews of all the bands I managed to see, along with marks out of five.Collapse )

All in all, it was a great day. I'm not as big a fan of festivals as I once was, but this was a really good day out. Organised well, easy to get to, a range of great bands and a fantastic headliner. Well worth the £40 I paid to get in. I'm not sure if I could say the same for the £75 a day ticket for Reading costs these days. It's probably better to think of Wireless as a set of open air concerts rather than a collective festival, but either way I had a great time. Depending on the line-up, I'd definitely consider going again next year. Celebrate and dance so free, one more time.


By finding this post, locked inside a trunk at the bottom of the sea, you have unlocked the secret of this Very Important Poll. Please act accordingly.

Poll #1004024 Triassic, Jurassic or Cretaceous?

Triassic, Jurassic or Cretaceous?


Please check other sunken chests for further Very Important Polls.



Another day, another awesome mix uploaded by me.

I've been listening to a lot of awesome electro tracks lately, and now you get to listen to them. There's some really good stuff on here, so I hope you dig at least one or two tracks. If not the whole thing!

Tracklisting and download detailsCollapse )

I sure hope you dig these sick, ill and additionally tight tracks. Drop me a comment below if you feel like it, or want to know anything about any of the featured bands.